Pregnancy Signs You Might Miss

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When you are pregnant, the signs are clear, right? You have morning sickness and you will probably be a little cranky. While these are two of the more common signs of pregnancy, there are other early-stage signs that you may not associate with imminent motherhood. Keep reading and pay close attention. If more than just a few of these sound familiar, it may be time for your free ultrasound at the Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee.


The same hormones that begin to change your body during pregnancy affect more than just your breasts and uterus. The small muscle between your esophagus and stomach is controlled by these hormones, and it may begin to relax causing heartburn. You may notice this more after drinking coffee or eating spicy foods.

Constipation and bloating

If you typically have PMS, you may be used to bloating and constipation at least once per month. You can also experience this in the first few weeks of gestation. A free ultrasound can help you determine if the cause of your discomfort is just discomfort or if it is soon to usher in a time of great joy. 

Increased urination

Usually, when you think of pregnant women needing to pee all the time, you think of those with visible baby bumps. But well before your bundle of joy begins bouncing on your bladder, pregnancy hormones tell the kidneys they need to process more fluid as your body circulates an increased volume of blood. Incontinence may also be a problem so do not be embarrassed if you have a bit of an accident during your free ultrasound.


In today’s fast-paced society, fatigue is an unfortunate commonality. And you might think that a sudden unwillingness to budge from underneath your covers is simply a side-effect of yesterday’s activities. Fatigue, however, is a common but often ignored symptom of pregnancy as your hormones – specifically progesterone – jump sky high.

If you are wondering, “Can a pregnancy center near me tell me if I am pregnant before I miss my period?” the answer is yes. A pregnancy test in the early stages and, a bit later in your first trimester, a free ultrasound can remove any doubt about it. 

Don’t go it alone! When you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, you can count on Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee to be there with you throughout the process. Our support services continue after the baby is born with parenting classes and peer-to-peer counseling. For more information about our services, including free ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and more, visit or contact us today. 

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