Leading Pregnancy Center in Spring Hill Offers Advice for Dads to Be


Finding out you’re going to be a father for the first time is exciting, but this event can also harbor other emotions, such as doubt and fear. You may not feel prepared or look back upon your own childhood shortcomings, especially if you did not have a stable father figure of your own. But becoming a father is one of the greatest blessings you can receive, and is a gift that, if nurtured, will bring you a lifetime of happiness.

Keep reading for advice from Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee, a Christian-based ministry and pregnancy center in Spring Hill, to help you prepare for your new role as a father.

Be patient with yourself, your partner, and your baby.

An infant relies on his parents for everything, from the nourishment that goes into his body to warmth and safety. He cannot tell you what he needs, it will take time – and lots of trial and error – for you to learn how to read his cues. According to this pregnancy center in Spring Hill, TN, your partner is also learning how to communicate with your baby and with you in her role as a mother. Likewise, you are in uncharted territory. Don’t get down on yourself when things don’t go as planned or when you are unable to immediately determine the needs of your young family. Know that in time your world will fall into place and parenting will feel just as natural as breathing.

Put your child first, but know that this also means taking care of yourself.

From this moment on, everything you do will affect your child. Tend to his needs, and don’t lay the burden of care solely upon the shoulders of the mother. The time you spend with your son or daughter now is the basis of bonds that will grow for a lifetime. Pregnancy Centers of Middle TN in Spring Hill cautions, however, that in order to be a more effective caregiver, you must also take some time for yourself. Don’t neglect your physical or mental health.

Understand that fatigue is part of the package.

Babies sleep 17 to 20 hours each day from birth until 12 to 16 weeks of age. While this may sound like a lot, their little bodies are only designed to go without food for about two to three hours, meaning your baby will wake often and may cry out in hunger. Remember that the first few months are the most trying and you and your wife or partner may be sleep deprived, cranky, and worried that you aren’t parenting correctly. Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee offers parenting classes for new moms and dads. These free services can help you get to know your baby and develop your parenting style.

Finally, know that parenting does not always come naturally. Sometimes it takes days, even weeks, for your paternal instincts to kick in. But according to the Spring Hill team at Pregnancy Centers of Middle TN, it will. Soon, you and your new family will ease into a routine, and you’ll get to watch your baby grow from a bundle of joy dependent on everything you do to a curious toddler and beyond.

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