Non-Profit Pregnancy Centers in Columbia, TN Offers Advice for Expectant Fathers


Fatherhood is near, and you’ve no doubt begun to wonder how having a baby will change your life. The peer to peer counselors at Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee (a pregnancy center in Columbia, TN) explain that there is a lot that will happen when baby makes three - things you might not have considered, such as:

Patience becomes something you must have in abundance.

Babies don’t enter the world knowing how to communicate their needs. That is a learned behavior. One lesson taught at the Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee's pregnancy center is that babies cry, and it is up to his parents to learn how to respond. And you will learn, but understand that there are bumps along the way. It is frustrating, but a natural part of the process.

You’ll worry about everything.

Suddenly, everything becomes a threat, and the instinct to protect your child will rush in, all at once. You will worry about everything from the air he breathes to the possibility of him being kidnapped by a disgruntled nurse. One worry, according to the moms and dads who work and volunteer at Pregnancy Centers of Middle TN (near Columbia), is money. You will worry about finances more than you ever have and may work harder than ever to provide for your little one.

Your activities now can affect your child for a lifetime.

Everything you do affects your child. Activities that you may not have considered, such as having a few drinks with friends after work, smoking, and how you interact with your child’s mother sets an example. Make self-care a priority since your habits will become their habits.

Life lessons start sooner than you think.

The Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee stresses that life lessons begin on day one. The pregnancy center reports that babies begin to learn who they can trust and who will protect them from almost the moment they are born. Bond with your baby by changing diapers, reading to him, and holding him close. Make sure he experiences skin-to-skin contact with you and his mother. As he ages, lessons on self-respect, finances, and how to treat others are learned by watching you.

Babies sleep a lot, but you will not.

The old saying, “I slept like a baby,” is meant to conjure images of deep, uninterrupted sleep. But that is not exactly how a newborn rests. While it is true that babies can sleep up to 20 hours per day, this sleep normally occurs in spurts for the first three to four months, when babies are finally physically able to sleep for four- or five-hour stretches. Until then, they must eat often, sometimes as frequently as every hour. This is the most exhausting stage of parenthood. Pitch in and offer help where you can. Even if your partner is breastfeeding, you can still change diapers, burp the baby, and swaddle them back up for sleep. If nothing else, this will give your partner a few moments to catch a shower, take a nap, or grab a snack.

If you have questions about fatherhood, need parenting classes, or wish to explore your options, contact us at Pregnancy Centers of Middle TN (in Columbia, TN) for your free, non-judgemental consultation.