How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant? - Part One


If you have Googled, “pregnancy center near me,” there is a good chance you are wondering if a “bun is in the oven”. And you are in luck. Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee can help by offering a free ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy. In the meantime, there are a few telltale signs that you can look for.

Before you start picking names, however, you should be fully aware that many of the early signs of pregnancy can also be related to other conditions. If you have any immediate concerns for your health, do not wait for your free ultrasound to visit your healthcare provider.

Early signs of pregnancy

While a pregnancy test and ultrasound are definitive proof of pregnancy, your body has ways of alerting you that things have changed well before it is “official”.

Weeks 1 - 5

As the sperm implants into the egg, you might experience implantation cramping and, sometimes, minor spotting. This usually occurs within a few days to a week of intercourse and can mimic an irregular period. At this stage, you may not suspect that you are pregnant.

By four weeks, “Aunt Flo” still has not arrived, and you may begin to experience extreme fatigue and nausea. As you pass the one-month mark, your breasts may swell slightly, you will visit the bathroom more often, and should consider the possibility of pregnancy. If scheduled, however, an ultrasound can usually detect the gestational sac at this stage. 

Weeks 6 - 10

If you were to come into the office for a free ultrasound now, you would see the very early stages of your baby’s development. By eight weeks, the basic shape of the head and torso are outlined; at ten weeks, your baby is about the size of a strawberry, and his/her arms and legs are beginning to form. 

11 to 12 weeks

As you enter the end stages of your first trimester, a free ultrasound can tell you much more about your baby. At three inches long, your bundle is beginning to take on their birth appearance. Their lungs are in full development mode, and your body may show outward signs of gestation. You will almost certainly have gained weight, you will “glow,” and may notice that your skin and hair are changing. Your breasts may also begin to change and grow again as your body gears up for breastfeeding. 

Throughout the first three months of pregnancy, you might also experience dizziness, blood pressure changes, and aversions to foods that you once enjoyed. Many women also suffer from heartburn and moodiness. Rest assured that the majority of the discomfort you feel now will slowly fade as you enter into the second trimester.

When you do give birth, you can ask for help. Taking care of a newborn is difficult work. It is difficult to find time to take even basic care of yourself, like sleeping, eating, and bathing when your baby needs constant attention. Ask your friends and family to help with caring for your baby so you can take care of yourself.

Here’s the bottom line: You are not alone! Pregnancy Centers of Middle TN will come alongside you in your journey, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are experiencing. Have any pregnancy-related concerns or health issues after giving birth? We would be happy to assist you with peer to peer counseling and also encourage you to participate in our parenting curriculum, found at Reach out to us for more information here:

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