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Pregnancy Testing

Searching free pregnancy test near me? We can help.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

There are many pregnancy tests that can detect the pregnancy hormone before you have a missed period. However, for the best accuracy, it's best to wait to take a test until your period is late or an estimated two weeks after you had sex.


If you’ve recently had unprotected sex or experienced contraception failure, make an appointment today. We can provide lab-quality pregnancy tests at our center – free of charge. 

What are some common pregnancy symptoms?

While a positive test is the most obvious pregnancy symptom, some women experience pregnancy symptoms and have had inconclusive or negative results when testing at home. Learn more about early pregnancy signs and symptoms or call us to schedule a test at the center.

What can I expect?

While your pregnancy test results are processing, you can talk through your options and answer any questions and concerns you may have about abortion, pregnancy, parenting, sexual health and more. We understand the issues facing an unexpected or unsupported pregnancy and are committed to providing you with a private and professional place to process the information and find support.​

If the test is positive, we can offer a free ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and how far along you are.

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