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STDs and Your Health

Take charge of your health.

Common STD & STI Symptoms

One of the most common side effects of an STD is no symptoms at all. Other common symptoms can include:

  • Clear, white, greenish, or yellowish discharge

  • Strong vaginal odor

  • Itching or irritation inside the penis or vagina

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

  • Painful urination

If you've had unprotected sex, or a change of partners, it's time to get tested. Oral, anal, or vaginal sex always carries the risks of STDs. If you need more information on the types of STDs or avoiding sexually transmitted diseases or infections, contact us today. 

When should I get tested?

You need to get tested if:

  • You've recently had unprotected sex

  • You've had a change in partners

  • You have experienced itching or burning in your pelvic area

  • You have scheduled an abortion

You may need to get tested even if you have no symptoms or consistently use a condom or barrier method. Getting tested prior to an abortion procedure can reduce your risk of infection or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). 

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